AER Sessions

Stress Elimination / Emotional Release

Experience the AER method first hand with personal (individual) sessions with a Certified AER Facilitator.

During a session, you will be guided through the process. Stress and emotional issues will be significantly reduced or eliminated.

Key characteristics of the AER process:

  • You do not have to discuss your stress / issue in detail. Your privacy is ensured. Clients have successfully resolved issues expressed in general terms such as “I don’t feel good about this situation with this person.” While you are free to tell your story, it is not necessary for the successful release of stress and emotional issues.
  • You don’t have to understand why you have an issue. AER is not psychoanalysis or about digging around in your past to understand why you have an issue. It is a releasing process that aids you in letting go of age-old stress and issues in a short period of time.
  • You’ll follow an easy process. AER is very easy to use, and very effective.
  • You sit relaxed comfortably in a chair, fully clothed. AER does not require any difficult physical movements or ability.
  • There is no physical contact with the Processor. AER is a process which respects your personal space.

“After Robert Vibert used the AER process to work with me concerning a specific situation that had caused me a great deal of anxiety, I no longer felt any anxiety over it – it had lost all the charge. I recommend people try AER to deal with their emotional issues and stress. I use AER regularly on myself.”
– Jill G., Psychotherapist, Vermont

AER uses proven techniques that provide lasting relief and resolution of issues.

Initial sessions may last up to 2 hours; subsequent sessions may last up to 1 hour. In all cases, sufficient time is provided to significantly reduce or neutralize the primary issue.

As of November 19th, 2010, Robert Vibert will only work with clients on a intensive basis, in blocks of 5 sessions at a cost of C$995.00 per block. Sessions will last up to 2 hours each, and will be custom tailored to the exact needs of clients.

How to set up a block of AER sessions

  1. Phone sessions are available and usually just as effective as in-person ones.
  2. Contact Robert with a short description of the issue you wish to work on.
  3. Robert will reply with confirmation of whether this condition lends itself to possible help over the phone with AER. This does not commit you to continue and you are free to decline at any time.
  4. You use PayPal to purchase a block of 5 sessions. You do not need a PayPal account, just a credit card or you can arrange to have the charge debited from your chequing account.
  5. Once notification from PayPal of the payment has been received, we will correspond via email to arrange a suitable time and to clarify anything pertinent.