How AER works

AER works like a super-charger on the natural human process of releasing anything that no longer serves us. For example, if we feel some pain around a relationship breakup that happened 10 years ago, it is probably time to let that go. People often think they have done that, but have actually put those feelings on a shelf – if one revisits the events of that breakup, the feelings which have been dormant resurface.

Fortunately, we humans can release those stored feelings, but we have to do something that most of us avoid like the plague – feel the feelings, all of them. It is a normal human response to pain to move away from it in some way – we distract ourselves or we salve ourselves with some sort of medication or activity. The feelings are still there, but we are not feeling them, or at least trying not to.

AER is designed to safely guide us into the stored feelings, and uses a number of supplementary aids to accelerate the natural release of those feelings. Many people are completely surprised that it only takes a few minutes to release something that they may have been carrying around with them for years.

“I worked with Robert over the phone at a point of crisis, scatterbrained and in a panic. He was calming and effective, firm and caring. His non-invasive approach allowed me to tune into many of my intense — previously experienced as overwhelming — emotions and to ride them out. He indeed served as the healing catalyst which he advertised himself to be, yet, brilliantly, the process involved no pushing or provoking (a surprise to me at the time).

In a nutshell, Robert sat with me through the most intense experience of co-dependency withdrawal, self-disgust, and desperation I have ever experienced and lead me to resolve many of these deep emotions. I slept well for days afterwards and will never be afraid to be on my own nor feel alone again.”

When one uses the AER process to aid in releasing:

  • You do not have to discuss your issue in detail with anyone. Your privacy is always ensured. Clients have successfully released stress and resolved issues expressed in terms such as as “I don’t feel good about a certain situation with a person.” While you are free to tell your story, it is not necessary for the successful release of stress and issues.
  • You don’t have to understand why you have stress or an issue. AER is not psychoanalysis or about digging around in your past. It is a releasing process that aids you in letting go of age-old stress and issues in a very short period of time.
  • You’ll follow an easy process. AER is very easy to follow, and very effective at the same time. It leverages your natural ability to release while “greasing the wheels”.
  • You sit relaxed comfortably in a chair, fully clothed. AER does not require any difficult physical movements or ability.
  • There is no physical contact with the Facilitator. AER is a process which respects your personal space and many people have used AER over the phone to release all kinds of stored feelings.

“After Robert Vibert used the AER process to work with me concerning a specific situation that had caused me a great deal of stressful anxiety, I no longer felt any anxiety over it – it had lost all the charge. I recommend people try AER to deal with their emotional issues. I use AER regularly on myself.”
Jill G., Psychotherapist, Vermont