Stress Elimination

De-Stress for Success Mini-Workshop

We all suffer from STRESS to some degree…

…and we all know that stress causes

• anxiety
• high blood pressure
• physical pain
• over-eating
• and a whole range of related problems

You’ve probably heard:
Stress Kills!

Stress can be defined as the sum of physical and mental responses to an unacceptable disparity between real or imagined personal experience and personal expectations. By this definition, stress is a response which includes both physical and mental components.

Stress often brings with it a feeling of anxiety caused by such things as having

• too many demands,
• not enough time,
• too little money, and
• too many creditors.

A recent poll shows that about 75% of people in the United States and Canada say they feel stress on a daily basis and feel their lives are beyond their control.

Are you struggling to find a balance among the multitude of challenges that you have in your busy life? Would you prefer to learn how to DISSOLVE that Stress?

What contributes to stress? Finances, jobs, health concerns, long commutes, heavy traffic, and long working hours are all factors.

People who have parenting responsibilities report high levels of stress, and working parents often feel a lot of stress when they are at work and their children are home from school without adult supervision.

Research shows that stress makes people more vulnerable to:

• cardiovascular disease,
• high blood pressure,
• diabetes, and
• other physical and mental illnesses.

Stress often leads to drug and alcohol abuse.

Do you want to cope with Stress or DISSOLVE IT?

Most of the strategies traditionally suggested for dealing with stress involve attempts to reduce it through changes in lifestyle and increasing exercise. These coping mechanisms work to a certain degree, but they mainly deal with reducing the symptoms.

The AER process is all about obtaining freedom from stress and more peace in your life. It is easy to use, and provides you with a way to actually dissolve stress in your life. In this workshop, you’ll learn how to zero in on what is causing stress and release the stress charges that have been building up inside you.

This mini-workshop will be of interest to anyone who wants to reduce the impact of stress on their lives.

Workshop Learning Goals

Learn How to
• Identify what causes stress for you
• Take the charge out of the situation
• Defuse stress-creating situations before they cause you to take on more stress
• Reduce your overall stress load

At the end of this workshop, you will have experienced the AER process several times and applied it on existing stressful situations in your life. You’ll also learn how to apply the AER process on yourself when new stress threatens.

Benefits of AER

Using the AER process, you will have greatly improved control over your life, especially in the areas of

• eliminating stress causing anger
• reducing the need for comfort foods
• clearing money-related stress
• managing time and work stress.

When you take the next step in stress reduction and elimination…

  • You do not have to discuss your stress-causing issues or problems in detail
  • You don’t have to try to rationalize why you have stress – no more endless searching for explanations – you simply eliminate it from your system
  • You discover how easy it is to dissolve stress in minutes

Isn’t it time you gave stress the boot from your life?

Space in the workshops is available on a first-come, first-served basis. Participants should bring a notepad and pen or pencil. The mini-workshop consists of 1 session of approximately 2 hours for C$25.00. The organizers reserve the right to limit the number of participants in any workshop. The organizers reserve the right to cancel an event due to extenuating circumstances.