for AER and Robert Vibert’s work

Since our session I’ve found quite a change in the way I now view the work situation that had bothered me so much at the time. I probably had two or three months of exposure to that same environment after our session.  I could talk about the situation to coworkers and friends and not reach any where near the emotional level of anxiety and frustration I used to.  It was almost like I could view it through a ‘window’ without actually feeling the elements.  It has become a much more comfortable way to live and view life.  Thanks again Robert and I highly recommend this to anyone who would like to alleviate a good deal of stress from their lives! Take care and keep up the good work.

Greg  McParlan
Perth, Ontario

Before I worked with Robert Vibert using AER, I really didn’t have high hopes for success. Over the years, I have spent thousands (sometimes I feel like it has been millions!) of dollars on personal development and self help books, workshops, DVDS, CDs etc. in my life and have never truly achieved the results I was looking for. I was a woman who was living to 78% of my potential and would self sabotage every time that percentage would increase a bit….feelings of unworthiness from childhood perhaps??

With AER, I didn’t have to figure out the reason, I just needed to be in touch with my present feelings and let them go. That in itself is priceless. Since being introduced to AER, I can use it to handle whatever comes my way with clarity and am more in tune with my emotions. I am also happy to say that things are coming together and that my light is shining brighter each day.

Andrea Burke

First I would like to thank you again for being so wonderful with me during my phone session. I couldn’t have asked for anything more. I couldn’t believe that although we have never met, you were so gentle and caring and I felt completely at ease during my AER session.

When I went to work on Monday following my session a couple of friends commented on the way I looked. They just said I looked different; but they couldn’t put their finger on it.

I excitedly told them about the AER session I had with you and they couldn’t believe it. They said I looked lighter and brighter somehow. I guess all those negative emotions can weigh you down.

As I was talking to one of them I mentioned that I must try to see if AER would work on the sugar craving I had been dealing with since Christmas (all my life actually, but uncontrollable since Christmas).


On my way home that afternoon I picked up all my favourite things, chocolate, cookies and doughnuts. I ate most of the doughnuts as soon as I got to the car. I put everything on a plate in front of me and sat down to do AER. I must admit I couldn’t resist the chocolate even as I was starting to work. I started to use AER and continued to use it on any possible reason to eat the goodies that came up.

When I couldn’t think of anything else I stopped. I looked at the goodies in front of me and I did not feel the need to have any of it. I kept them in front of me all evening and still nothing…. I could not believe it.

It is now about a month and the cravings have not returned. I even lost a few pounds already.

I have used AER on other things as well, especially when I’m feeling the emotion.

It has helped tremendously. I don’t even think I’m doing it perfectly, but because I am in the emotion and honouring the feeling, it works just the same.

Yours in gratitude,
Rita Starnino
Toronto, ON


What a devoted man! With Robert, you can be sure that everything will flow properly. If you have a question, just ask Robert, as he will carefully listen to you; he has this talent to make you feel at ease.

Robert has a perfect tone of voice and an outstanding presence that makes you feel secure. If we could have more of this kind of man, the world would be a very good place to be! If you have the chance to work with Robert, you too, I am sure, will greatly appreciate this human being.

Dr. Jocelyn Blouin, Optometrist

 Dear Robert,

Sufficient time has elapsed since our one healing session, for me to write of it freely and authentically.

Your approach to our process was confident, competent and compassionate. It was gentle while clearly directed. I refer to “our process” because, though you were leading, I felt throughout this healing that we were partners. You calmly yet firmly guided me through each step. When I resisted the full experience of my grief, you supported and encouraged me to and through that painful contact.

It was a shared journey through the pain of loss to relieved acceptance and acknowledgment that though my daughter died tragically, I can be at peace with the facts, the nostalgia, the love and the realization of who I am at this moment.

I can now reflect with tenderness upon her life, the events of her passing and some imagined possibilities for her future without retreating either to numbness or emotional crisis.

Your skill and adept handling of such a sensitive and difficult experience is wonderful. I am deeply grateful for the way you have changed my life.


Adrienne Garnett


My AER session with Robert Vibert was effective in helping me build  my self-confidence and in helping me to alleviate self defeating  feelings.  I am impressed with the results I obtained from the short session and look forward to growing in my skills at using this method  of Stress Elimination.

Patti Koeslag
Carleton Place

 I have had the pleasure of knowing Robert Vibert since June 2006. During this time I watched him present AER to a group, and I was at first highly skeptical. In retrospect, I am thankful that he accepted my skepticism, and it did not stop him from his commitment to supporting me.

Over the next months, I watched Robert deal expertly with several people using AER and teaching them to use it themselves. It did not take long for me to catch the AER bug and learn with his help how to use it extensively in my life.

Robert is a great listener and I have watched him deal with people with just the right amount of compassion to help them clear their issues and move forward in their lives. I have had many conversations with Robert where, out of his listening and feedback, I ended up with a shift in perspective about what I needed to do next.

Marvin Miller
Ottawa, ON


Robert, you were excellent: patient, calm and very informative. Everything went as it should go due to your handling of what came up in the sessions. You guided me every step of the way right to the end. Even when it was hard you helped make it easy, focusing me back to the problem at hand. You know your subject well. I highly recommend you.

Eric Tunc
Melbourne, Australia


Although I was very apprehensive to try this type of treatment over the phone, I found Robert to be highly capable in many respects. For instance, I found him extremely patient and firm with his facilitation, yet remaining particularly flexible as new memories and past events were linked to the present event we were working on.

He guided me to what was most important to me instead of letting any eagerness to explore new connections get in the way of the process.

He also created an environment of serenity and acceptance. For instance, when I told him that I was distracted because I felt I was using too much of his time, we explored that issue quickly and moved right ahead from where we had stopped.

Robert has an extensive array of tools backed by years of experience that allows him to help others get a better understanding of their lives and ways to move into their future with more complete perspective of themselves and the world around them.

I highly recommend him.

Paul A, Teacher
Rochester, NY

 I worked with Robert over the phone at a point of crisis, scatterbrained and in a panic. He was calming and effective, firm and caring. His non-invasive approach allowed me to tune into many of my intense — previously experienced as overwhelming — emotions and to ride them out. He indeed served as the healing catalyst which he advertised himself to be, yet, brilliantly, the process involved no pushing or provoking (a surprise to me at the time).

In a nutshell, Robert sat with me through the most intense experience of co-dependency withdrawal, self-disgust, and desperation I have ever experienced and lead me to resolve many of these deep emotions. I slept well for days afterwards and will never be afraid to be on my own nor feel alone again.

I thank Robert for his confidence in me and his honest accompaniment.

David-Jan Jurasek

 It was fascinating to experience Robert’s empathetic and skillful guiding of an emotional healing process.

I had heard of this sort of healing but never seen it in action. After watching Robert work with someone else and realizing how easy, non-invasive, comfortable and non-threatening he made the process, and how subtly, indirectly and matter-of-factly he guided clients, I agreed to try it on myself.

As for the results, while I will always know that my parents misguidedly sabotaged something in my childhood, the lingering effects of which we worked on, I do feel freed up from the restriction they laid on me. In short, I can now listen guiltlessly to people at other tables or nearby and actually hear what they say. Before the process, I would be completely oblivious to what was going on around me, which left me feeling out of touch, an outsider with no door to open.

Robert helped me unlock a long-closed switch.

Kate Jones

I have used Robert Vibert’s personal development services and have found him to be very knowledgeable and professional in his demeanour and approach. He is someone who is keen to assist others in breaking through emotional road-blocks and who shows a genuine human interest in helping to resolve outstanding issues using innovative techniques.

Chris Robinson
Ottawa, ON

 I have been a wellness chiropractor for more than 15 years, and have always searched for safe, effective and sound methods to help facilitate better health for my patients, my family and myself. My personal philosophy is that we must take inventory of, and address, the underlying physical, chemical and emotional aspects of our own health in order to have true whole body health.

AER addresses the emotional aspects of our health simply, profoundly and effectively.

Having personally experienced Robert Vibert’s work with AER, I have found a new sense of peace and freedom in my life that I have never previously known.

I highly recommend to anyone and everyone that they experience AER for themselves with either a workshop or a personal consultation; it is truly a life changing experience.

Mark Tulloch B. Sc., D.C.
Ottawa, ON   Jan. 2009

 What using the AER process has done for me

Recently my husband was in his hospital bed, after surgery for a blocked intestine. He had been feeling desperately ill all that day and was exhausted and discouraged. I ached for him. He was suffering so.

His doctors arrived, surgeon and resident. At first the surgeon appeared concerned as he came upon the nurse helping my husband on one side of the bed with me holding containers and swabs at the ready on the other side.

Then he said, “We’ve moved too quickly in removing the NG, (Nasal Gastric/stomach pump). Remember I did say we must go very slowly as the intestine has been traumatized by the surgery and needs more time to recover. We’ll put that NG back in.” My heart sank at these words as I knew how painful a procedure this was for my husband and how many times they would have to try to insert the tube. This was awful news.

Then the surgeon looked at Bill, turned on a smile and a chuckle, joined by the resident and said, “Don’t worry. He’s a tough guy. He’ll be fine.” I saw and heard this and thought, “My husband is in agony, gallantly enduring extreme discomfort and pain and they are making light of it.”

Resentment and anger flashed inside me momentarily in defence of my husband. The jocular tone and attempt to make light of my husband’s suffering, the lack of acknowledgment of his suffering, registered deeply within me.

Without hesitating I said, “This is a very precious man,” and I looked directly into their eyes. I saw the impact of my words and felt the power of my support for my husband. I feel the power strongly again as I write this today. Gratefully, I was detached from the overwhelming emotion of my concern for my husband and my position before two professionals who held the expertise that he desperately needed for recovery. I was able to think clearly, speak my feelings and convey my concern with confidence and effect.

I have been fortunate to have studied with mentors who guided me in self discovery and I am very grateful to them. However it was during my study with Robert Vibert that I learned to focus on my feelings, accept those feelings and use the AER process to honour and resolve them.

Before I learned to do this I would react with overwhelming emotion, my mind blank, unaware of my feelings, unable to think about or verbalize them. I would be tongue-tied and ineffective in situations where being able to express how I felt would have added insight, support or defence. Even though I conscientiously prepared for meetings I was too overcome, too afraid I would begin to speak and forget what I had prepared. When I did speak, it was without confidence. I felt that no one listened. I did not believe in myself.

I am a graduate of AER Facilitator training. I applied myself during these courses and AER has become an important part of my life. Not until I spoke to those doctors in that emotionally charged situation, did I realize that I am no longer overwhelmed by people in roles of authority.

I can recognize my feelings and speak powerfully for myself and those I care about. I have confidence that I can be myself fully, coolly and competently. I no longer get flustered, lose my voice or find myself overwhelmed by my emotions. I am at peace with them and able to function in a manner that satisfies me. It is amazing that someone like me who is past 70 years of age can still make such a dramatic change.

I highly recommend that others try AER.

Jackie Unitt
Teacher and Researcher (retired)
Ottawa, ON

 My healing process took place over the course of 33 years, so why should it be any different for anybody else? That is exactly what was behind my thinking when Robert Vibert appeared on the scene of our men’s group, and started talking about AER.

My first reaction to all the claims I heard from various people about  healing work like AER was, “This is definitely too good to be true.” After all, it takes a long time to work through old wounds. It takes years. Everyone knows that. Healing long term emotional issues in minutes??? Yeah, right!!!

I remember my tirade at Robert in our men’s circle, as he was introducing us to the technique of AER. I confronted him and said very loudly, ” It’s taken me 3 years to build this circle and if you keep up this AER stuff, these men will leave and we will not have a circle any more.”

To which the #$%#$%%$& calmly replied, “Would you like to dissolve this anger of yours?”

Then my manipulative shadow side took over. At some point in that meeting I decided I was going to use AER to work on this recurring upset I was having with my wife just so I could prove to Robert and everyone else that these techniques simply don’t work. I was going to prove him wrong, and I was going to enjoy being right about the whole thing.

Robert started by asking me a question that lead me to the feelings underneath all the anger that was on the surface. After using the AER technique for 10 minutes or so, the problem with my wife dissolved, along with a long time wound from when I was six years old.

I was quite surprised by how simple and effective the whole process was. In fact, I put it to the test a number of times over the next few weeks during our circle meetings. No matter what I threw at the AER process, I constantly emerged from the process feeling relieved of the emotional burden I was carrying, and I felt lighter … and someone said that the biggest part of enlightenment is “being lighter”.

So I dove into using AER solo over the next few weeks. At first I called Robert a couple of times to get me back on track. Once I had enough experience to be able to do the process myself, I no longer needed any backup. My life started opening up, and I noticed I was spending a lot more time smiling and laughing. I started to write this book that I have been wanting to write for the past 20 years about sports performance.

Marvin Miller
Ottawa, ON

 Dear Robert,

I was feeling helpless & despondent when I called you. I had no idea what was to come. You started by asking me simple questions as we started working. You continued to take me deeper and deeper into my emotions. I was amazed at what came up. It obviously was very helpful because after our session I felt much more able to move forward, after feeling horrible and stuck for months.

Thank you for your caring friendship; you have guided and helped me me in ways no one else has even come close to. More importantly you taught me healing tools & different ways to look at my stuff. I appreciate how you openly share all you have learned without holding back, that is one of your kindest qualities.

Therese Gravelle

 Dear Robert,

I have been wanting to learn some form of emotional release to aid me in my work with patients for several years now. I feel fortunate in studying with you for your clarity of intention and analysis of what is really going on in the healing process. It is an important contribution to the field and I hope your insights will spread and enlighten other practitioners.

In sessions with you, it was immediately obvious that you are able to facilitate deep transformation. Your ability to cut to the quick on issues is wonderfully challenging and beneficial. It upgrades the way I think and talk to myself!

I also like the way in which you take the healing process seriously and aim to train people with thoroughness and experiential work on themselves to end up with a training certificate that actually means something.

AER is a tool which has huge potential in human growth and development. It’s simple yet profound, easy to learn and with far-reaching effects.I thank you for your dedication to the truth of healing.

Katherine Willow, ND
Carp EcoWellness Clinic, ON, Canada

 My first experience with Robert and his AER process was quite surprising. I had previously used EFT but found it only provided slight improvement. During the session with Robert, I was startled to find that quite quickly I was actually struggling to remember what issue I was working on. There I was, going through the AER process and the issue was slipping away from me. In fact, in a very short period of time I no longer had any charge on it at all. I thoroughly enjoyed the process and have chosen to continue to learn and use AER.

Barb Morris

I had to come down to earth again after the 2 days of the workshops. As a method to use to access deep emotions it has no competition. Once the emotions are raised it is an effective and easy way to neutralise them. The method of teaching was professional, logical and easy to follow. I have found my emotions are much nearer the surface, and am sure that I will be able to do a lot of healing on myself and my clients in the future. Thank you for such an enjoyable and safe workshop with so much support and understanding.

Merrilyn Boyd-Jones
Hospital Scientist , Hypnotherapist
Melbourne, Australia

 I must say that the 2 workshops were excellent.You were also excellent in your ability to clearly deliver the material.

Boris Hlede
Melbourne, Australia

 I found the training comprehensive and enlightening. The most valuable aspect to me was the genuine desire by Robert to work with the participants to achieve an optimum outcome. I continue to use the process to manage emotions that I previously found overwhelming, at times, and therefore would recommend the training for anyone who wants to expand their” toolbox” of life skills.

J. Cadeau-Simpson
Ontario, Canada

 I highly recommend any workshop guided by Robert Vibert. I found him to be very helpful and supportive. He was at all times alert and attentive.

He is able to maintain complete presence of mind when tracking the long list of elements which surface in a processing session. Robert is knowledgeable and encouraging and succinct when offering guidance both in a processing session and when teaching others how to process.

Louise Freeman, CST, D.Ac

 I can honestly say Robert Vibert is one of the distressingly few people I’ve met in this field who is willing to ask the really hard questions, to take methods apart, make them PROVE they work, insist on understanding HOW they work and who is willing to face all the discomfort that kind of rigorous research implies.

So when Robert’s telling you something works (or not), you owe it to yourself to pay attention.

Dr. Symeon Rodger
Author of the Mindset Mastery Virtual Bootcamp

 I’ve known Robert for over 15 years. Robert’s organizational abilities surpass by far those of anyone I know and I was impressed when I attended my first emotional healing workshop organized by him in Arnprior in 2003. Everything went like clockwork yet the atmosphere was relaxed and friendly.

Robert’s skill as an emotional healer is based on a mixture of years of research and practice, a curious and determined nature and good instincts. Robert processed me surprisingly quickly while during the whole process I felt completely supported and safe. At one point when I got stuck Robert instinctively knew to ask a critical question that got me going again. After that there was an instantaneous shift and I felt complete peace and harmony. There was no sense of time and all was one.

It was a truly amazing experience and I will be forever grateful to Robert for introducing me to my first workshop in emotional healing.

Deborah Monteiro

 I have had the privilege of being in a peer support and healing circle alongside Robert Vibert. During that time he has consistently demonstrated his strength as a counselor, mentor, healer, speaker and writer. Robert has shown unusual clarity and patience in guiding others while supporting them in setting and moving towards their own goals and objectives. He has been perceptive, levelheaded and articulate in a simple, relaxing manner. Above all, his approach has reflected a deep commitment to honoring one’s feelings in order to resolve them and heal.

Jay Kassirer
Ottawa, Canada

 In a field where self-help often comes across as self-hype, Robert’s approach is a relaxing breath of fresh air. There is nothing pushy about Robert’s straight-to-the point presentation. Robert outlines the story of his own searching and shares a clear and surprisingly simple solution. By the end of his books, Robert reveals all the reader needs to know to succeed. Best of all, there is no catch, no lifetime membership to buy. Once the work is done, there remains clarity and resolution on issues, even those issues which have been halting progress for years.

Vincent Dufort, PhD

Robert’s books are invaluable guides for people who want to improve their emotional or financial success. Robert gives clear, non-judgmental explanations and instructions for genuinely healing the things that hold us back. The workbook in particular is a superb guide. As an EFT practitioner and teacher for ten years, I recommend these books to you if you want to improve your life without having to relive it.

Wes Gietz

 Robert S. Vibert’s book The Missing Link to Your Financial Success is undersold by its title. Far from simply being just another guide on how to make money, this short book is in reality a powerful explanation of how we can achieve success in all spheres of life. Whatever your personal ambitions or dreams of success, Vibert explains the ways we block our own desire for success, and how dealing with that issue, we can not only achieve success, but attain a fuller, freer and more complete life.

Refreshingly free of other worldly ‘spiritual’ jargon and with very few references to the ‘self-help’ phraseology which plagues so much literature in the genre, The Missing Link to Your Financial Success is a plain speaking, practical, simple, and concise guide to achieving personal success.

Vibert strips away all of the mumbo jumbo and pretentious trappings that serve only to further mystify those seeking success (and make authors rich by selling sequel books that further explain what they meant in their first five) and lays out a completely attainable way that the reader can achieve success.

Well researched, and wonderfully readable, this book should be at the top of the reading list, not only of every aspiring entrepreneur, but of anyone looking to improve their lives. Athletes, philanthropists, musicians, writers and those seeking for something ‘more’ from life will all benefit from the investment in this book.

Andrew Lee
Technologist, businessman, poet, writer and musician
USA and UK

 After 30 years in the “Getting Better” business, i.e. reading all the self-help books and doing all of the workshops, I’ve come to the conclusion that enlightenment is about being light and happy. Reading Robert Vibert’s new book was a real eye-opener.

I have followed the practices that Robert suggested to me for the past six months and my life got a lot better. I made more money in that time than any six month period in my life, and now that I am not fighting with my wife anymore about money, my relationship is better than it has ever been. It is wonderful to see that Robert’s sage advice is now available to everyone.

In the past, the quest for money was difficult for me. Now the world is full of lucrative opportunities, and I am manifesting the opportunities I choose. Most of all I laugh more and am happier for having followed Robert’s advice, and for having subsequently resolved some wounds that I have been working on for so many years.

I highly recommend this book to anyone who is interested in improving their lives, and their financial life in particular.

Marvin Miller
Technical Writer
Ottawa, Canada

 I have just completed reading The Missing Link To Your Financial Success by Robert Vibert. It was a quick read, well written and concise. Robert’s technical background comes through clearly in his writing style, precise and to the point.

He takes an engineering approach to personal growth, exploring not only how the process works but why it works the way it does. The book contains practical advice on identifying the blocks that you have that are preventing your success. He then goes on to suggest actions that have worked for him and his clients to work through and truly heal these blocks.

My personal experience of the book was that there were a number of important elements of my blocks that I had not even considered. Robert kindly, but firmly, pointed them out to me.

If you’re looking for New Age feel-good puffery this book probably isn’t for you. If you’re looking for a practical approach grounded in mind, body and Spirit then you need to read this book.

The book, in and of itself will not solve all of your problems. You need to do the work; Robert Vibert just provides the road map. It is up to you to follow it.

Michael Ploegstra
Michigan, USA

 A great read that really fills a vital gap in many approaches. Robert has taken a unique approach that may well surprise you. Featuring research findings that challenge popular assumptions about the human psyche, this book will supplement a technical approach to making money with a psychological approach that can make all the difference. The  skills outlined in this book will lead you towards financial success and success across all aspects of life.

The secret is well worth uncovering. Recommended!

Sean Chiddy
Psychologist, Sydney Australia

 I really appreciate the result-oriented approach that the author of this book used as he searched for seven years to find resolution to his own pain.

I also appreciate that he took the time and effort to work through many approaches, diligently learning and applying them. The key question for each was, “Did my pain return or was the relief only temporary?” In addition I find his writing to be unpretentious, without jargon, clean and clear. He does not meander. Your reading time is not wasted.

My experience using the healing technique he explains gives me confidence.

Already I am leaning to shed my own constant self judgement and to be less emotional, more neutral in my reaction to situations hence able to think more clearly. If you are searching for emotional healing that works, I recommend this book.

Jacqueline Unitt
Teacher and Educational Researcher (retired), Ottawa, ON

 Here is a book that delivers what it promises – it separates the wheat from the chaff in the world of emotional healing.

So before you embark on a long, costly and more often than not unsuccessful journey into the mélange of healing modalities available today, take a look at this book. And even if you’re already somewhere along the way on that journey, this book can provide you with a good road map to guide you in the right direction. Robert has done the necessary groundwork and laid it out for the reader in a succinct, easy to understand manner, making this research accessible to even those who are new to and often confused by the array of emotional healing techniques available out there.

The “missing link” seems obvious, once pointed out, but so often overlooked by so many emotional healing techniques, yet it can make the difference between the relief or resolution of ones problems and resolution, in the end, is what we’re all searching for.

Deborah Monteiro

 After twenty-five years in the healing field, Robert Vibert’s book The Missing Link to your Emotional Healing Success comes as a breath of fresh air. He offers an outsider’s perspective on healing gained from his substantial, successful background in business. This self-help book with a difference cuts through the warm fuzzies we have come to expect and challenge us to get down to the nuts and bolts of dealing with our emotional pain.

For people who are ready for real change, I highly recommend reading this book and working through its accompanying workbook on your own, with a friend or with a therapist. This is emotional work of a different order, something the human race can use to take the next quantum leap forward into our potential.

Concluding with a quote by Robert, “In the end, I reached the conclusion that it probably does not matter where, when or how an emotional wound appeared in our being. It only matters that we are working to resolve it, and move forward.”

Katherine Willow, ND
Director, Carp Ridge EcoWellness Centre
Ottawa, Canada

 Robert Vibert’s new book, “The Missing Link to Your Emotional Healing”, gives you a direct approach to resolving deeply entrenched emotional blocks that separate you from your heart’s truths.

You will not have to learn a new vocabulary to understand the wisdom that he presents to you in a clear and gentle format. His ‘missing link’ is the icing on the cake that ensures that you can unlock the traumas of the past to find the missing puzzle pieces in the present. You can make yourself whole and bring back into being all those positive elements of yourself you always knew were missing.

After I worked on some personal issues including deep unaware negative associations with family and wealth, I feel more “here” or “present”. It’s a beautiful sunny day and have this feeling of moving forward. This is remarkable since I am well-known for being a tough case always stuck in my past.

There were examples in your text that helped me develop the exact phrase to remove core issues.

Compared to other approaches, I look forward to the work because I know I won’t be stuck after I do the work.

Whether you are a veteran or a beginner of alternative healing this book is for you.

S.M. Edstrom

 This work is a most readable treatment of an inherently interesting paradox, healing that never ends. Robert Vibert’s writing is as he promises it to be, concise, clear, and without a lot of jargon of any sort. His positions are unmistakably delineated, and are identified as the result of his own research.

Some of the things I like best in this book are:

* Robert talks about so many different healing methods with which he has had personal experience, crediting the value they may offer. He does not totally condemn those he does not think particularly effective.

* It was good to read that the point is not to ‘get rid of feelings’. I suspect that people in deep suffering want to be free of feelings, because the painful ones can become disabling. Of course, we cannot “get rid of feelings and remain human. Also Robert’s use of the term “resourceful” where another might have said “happy” or “productive” caught my attention and made me think about resources. Good!

* The way Robert contrasts relief and resolution as possible outcomes of emotional healing techniques is, I think, one of the two most significant points made in this work.

* The many resources mentioned may give people something to look into if they are moved to do so.

* It declines to lock in to a particular approach to the whole process of  healing, except for his main thesis. (“you are the final judge”.).

* I believe the other most important point is the need for the person to remain fully associated with the painful feelings during the healing activity. This is not to diminish the value of the sections on selecting a healer, trauma storage, why we heal, and the mention of the “fix and enhance model”.

The information on the enteric brain is fascinating, especially the part about how “change is death”.

I have read many, many self help books, attended workshops and classes, and experienced a number of therapies and healing techniques, including 18 years of acupuncture. I think this perspective on healing with meridian energy work, and the presentation of it in this book, is a useful addition to the literature of self-healing, and will be well received.

I recommend this book to anyone who is interested in deepening their understanding of emotional healing.

Rita Krauth
Hampstead, Maryland

 I think this concise book “The Missing Link to Your Financial Success” should be seriously studied by just about every one that is serious about their financial well being.

Robert reviews with you the many ways you become success inhibited. He explains how to overcome self defeating behaviors by feeling your way to freedom with his 3 wise steps to healing your blocks to success. He gives you the Fix and Enhance Model to wellness. First you must accept responsibly for yourself and understand the dilemma of avoiding responsibility. Guilt and shame, he says, will hold you back.

There are many ways that you get wounded in life and there are many tools to heal those wounds, but only a few are worthy of your interest. What ever modality you use, Robert says, “All healing is good healing.” He recommends a deeply focused meridian energy healing, which is one of my favorites, because it is quickly learned, widely used, and if used correctly gives consistent reliable results. His definition for a successful healing is: A complete resolution to unresourceful feelings that do not return to haunt you. He further gives you his Keys to be successful with energy healing with helpful hints to make it work even better for you.

This work is not only the Missing Link to Your Financial Success, but also that golden key you have been looking for to unlock the blocks that are holding you back from that success. If you are striving for financial freedom, buy this book now.

I give this book a five star rating. It is destined to become a classic.

Evertt Edstrom
Wisconsin, USA

 I valued Robert’s insights on why we need to identify and resolve the root cause of our limiting beliefs in order to move forward effectively on our path. I would recommend this book to anyone interested in making profound and lasting changes through thoughtful examination and healing of areas that keep them from achieving their highest potential.

Alison Simmons


Robert has an easy, confident, and supportive mentoring style. I feel creative and inspired when working with him on my goals. He helps me take my ideas to the next level by assisting me in operationalizing the steps and setting up a plan I can live with. What seemed impossible, suddenly is in reach! I would highly recommend his services to anyone wanting to start or grow their business.

Shelly Pinnell, LISW
Columbus, Ohio