Using AER with Goal setting and beliefs

With Goal Setting

When you try to achieve a goal, it is common for a blocking emotion to arise. When you notice this blocking emotion, you can then use AER to facilitate its release.

Realizing your Dreams and Aspirations

When you set out to realize a dream, there are often emotional blocks which will arise. AER can easily facilitate the dissolving of those blocks that stand in the way of your dreams.

Releasing Limiting Beliefs

Much has been written about the power of beliefs to both enable us and to hold us back. Many times, we can hold beliefs which are not helpful or resourceful.

Beliefs are basically thoughts/opinions held in place with emotional glue. Any thought which has a strong emotion/feeling associated with it will not easily be budged by thinking alone.

Using AER to facilitate the release of the emotional glue that holds a thought/belief  in place is one of the quickest and easiest ways to move beyond a limiting belief.

With Meditation

When one meditates, regardless of the meditation practice undertaken, it is common for uncomfortable thoughts and feelings to surface into one’s awareness. The emotional energy in these can be released using AER once one has reached the end of the meditation session, or at some later time. Releasing these uncomfortable thoughts and feelings will enhance your meditative experience.