We all suffer from Stress to some degree…

Many of us would really like to have more peace in our life…

Painful memories and associations can be quite a bother…

Like many people, you may have been wanting to release stress from your life and to resolve long-standing issues and had yet to encounter a way to do so. What you need is a breath of fresh AER.

The AER process is all about obtaining freedom and peace. It is an easy and non-invasive process that can allow you to actually move on with your life. In an AER workshop, you’ll learn how to release stress from all sources, trauma or any emotional ‘stuff’ that you’ve been hanging onto. AER takes you deeply into the resolution of your issues and reduces your stress tremendously.

AER was developed after extensive research into which techniques produced solid, lasting results in a short time and in an effective manner. The process used by each technique was examined, each component analyzed and the most effective parts noted.

What AER training should I take?

Many people want to jump straight into deeper training, but  extensive experience with learning and teaching others has shown that the best results come from building up knowledge one step at a time and practicing that newly-acquired skill until it becomes second nature.

Understanding and using AER is essential.

AER training is organized in the manner that has proven most effective – you are provided lots of opportunities to practice and improve your skills, ask questions and become well-acquainted with AER as well as have your own experience with this method.

Workshops are divided into 2 main groups, depending on what you are looking for and what previous training you have. The skills you learn in one workshop carry over to the next level and are enhanced and amplified.

In AER workshops the time necessary to ensure that you actually have the skills needed before you advance to the next level is provided.

(If you wish to host a workshop for Robert, please contact him via the contact form. Hosting is really easy – just find 8 or more people interested in spending a day releasing stress or issues that may have been bothering them for ages, and arrange a space (could even be a living room), contact Robert to set a date and voila!)


AER Experiential Workshop
Level I

(6 hrs)

An introduction to the Awareness, Expression, Resolution method.

AER Experiential Workshop
Level II
(6 hrs)

Deepening of the self-use of AER and introduction to using the Awareness, Expression, Resolution method with friends.

AER Facilitator Workshop
(Level III)
(6 hrs)

Using the Awareness, Expression, Resolution method with others.

AER Facilitator Workshop
Level (IV)
(6 hrs)

Advanced use of the Awareness, Expression, Resolution method with others.
AER Practitioner Certification (3 hrs)

Practitioners demonstrate an in depth knowledge and experience of using the Awareness, Expression, Resolution method with others.

(Professionals with extensive client experience can request a grand-fathering examination process for the certification.)


Lightening your load

De-stress, de-compress, and breathe some fresh air (AER).

2 hours, weeknights


Getting Unstuck
(3 hours)

An introduction to techniques to use when stuck in a particular feeling.